Winter Fat Biking in Crested Butte

Crested Butte Fat Biking

Did you know you the sight of snow does not mean that biking season is over? Thanks to the relatively new sport of fat biking, you can keep those feet pedaling all year long no matter what Old Man Winter brings you. With fat biking, the ultra-wide bike tires disperse pressure so that you can easily travel over snow. Fat biking has become quite the cold weather activity here in Crested Butte. With an already plush Nordic trail system in place, there are many Crested Butte winter fat biking trails available. To top it off, Crested Butte is home to the first and annual Fat Bike World Championship! Read on to learn more.

First things first, you’ll need the gear and equipment to begin. Several local shops can help you either rent or purchase the items you’ll need. Big Al’s Bicycle Heaven, Crested Butte Sports, and Double Shot Cyclery (in Gunnison) are all good places to start.

Crested Butte Fat Bike Gothic Mountain

Next, plan where to go! The employees at all the shops listed above can point you in the right direction. In addition, Big Al’s Bicycle Heaven created the below user-friendly map. Pick one up in their shop! Another great resource is the CBG Trails app. You can view what trails are available to fat biking (and what trails are not). The best source for all things about Crested Butte’s fat biking scene is the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association’s (CBMBA) website. Here you can view trail conditions and other helpful resources.

Crested Butte Fat Bike Map

While on the trails, make your mama proud and remember your fat bike etiquette! Per CBMBA’s website:

• DO: Yield to hikers.
• DO: Play nice with Nordic Skiers.
• DON’T: Don’t ride in the 2 track (classic track) ever! Bunny hop it if you must cross.
• DO: Tip your cap to snowmobilers. Our local club has been super-welcoming to the sport of fat biking and packs in many options for our benefit.
• DO: Clean up after Fido. If you put the poop in the baggie, TAKE THE BAGGIE WITH YOU! No one loves your dog’s poop as much as you do.
• DO: Ride a soft tire so you don’t chew up a trail and ruin if for others – keep it below 10 psi on groomed and improved trails.
• DO: If leaving ruts or ruining the experience for other users…. go home! You’re not doing anyone any favors.
• DO: If you have a muddy tire, wipe it off or spin it off in a snowbank or something besides a groomed or improved trail. The mud negatively impacts the trails and melts out unevenly and such in the sun.
• DO: If you’re going to go way out there, ride with a buddy and let someone know where you’re headed.
• DO: Bring food and water and enough layers to keep you warm on the up (easy) and the down (harder).
• DO: Support your local grooming club or organization – groomed trails don’t just fall from the sky.

Bottom line: Be cool! Share the trails, share the love!

Crested Butte Fat Bike World Championships

Five years ago, Crested Butte was home to the first Fat Bike World Championships. In addition to some serious racers, this race welcomes costumed riders and some good ol’ fun. This year’s event is sure to be a good time. Friday night offers a fat bike polo game on Elk Avenue (our main drag), Saturday’s the big race, Sunday is a group ride, and there are parties scattered throughout the weekend. View the race’s website for more info.

Enjoy your time on the trails!

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