Touring Crested Butte’s New Center for the Arts

Center for the Arts Crested Butte

I recently had the privilege of touring the partial construction of the new Center for the Arts building and what a great amenity it will be for our valley!  The existing Center for the Arts building was originally a maintenance garage, and while it has served its purpose, our community has simply outgrown what the current building can accommodate.

The new building will house a theater with flexible seating for 300-330 as well as a dance floor and balcony. There will be dance rehearsal rooms, art studio rooms and a culinary instruction and catering kitchen.  I was very impressed with the views, capacity, versatility  of space and open-air feel you can sense while being in the new building.  The general grounds are overall outstanding.

Take a view of the below 3-D rendering video, and you’ll see why our community is excited for this new amenity!