Snowmobiling in the Crested Butte Area

Crested Butte has long been known for its skiing, however, one may not know that the area offers phenomenal snowmobiling as well.  Powder fields and steep slopes offer something for everyone.  This is a great activity to do if you need a break from skiing.  Some even skip skiing altogether and head to Crested Butte just to snowmobile!

Video by Vince Scola

There are four main trailheads to launch your snowmobile adventure. Kebler Pass is typically the favorite spot. This area is consistently groomed and well managed. Exceptional powder fields can be found in Splains Gulch. Rolling Hills near Lake Irwin is another fun spot, or just a casual scenic road ride over the pass may be your calling. Regardless, a guide or guided ride is always highly recommended for your first venture.

The other three trailheads are Washington Gulch, Cement Creek, and Slate River. These three are certainly a bit more for the experienced rider as the terrain is more challenging and limited.

Crested Butte Snowmobiling

The forest service publishes a great winter map that you can view here.  It shows all the trailheads and which drainages are designated for snowmobiling.  There is also a pamphlet with tips and guidelines which you can view by clicking here.

AVALANCHE DANGER:  One must realize the risk of going out in the backcountry, especially if you’re not with a guide.  You can check local avalanche conditions at

Call our friends at CB Motorsports who offer daily snowmobile rentals and delivers to the trailhead of your choice. Check their website at

For a family-oriented experience, contact Action Adventures. They offer guided snowmobile trips.

Snowmobiling with kids Crested Butte

Snowmobiling in Crested Butte is an experience to remember.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is terrain for everyone to enjoy.  Bring a camera.  The views will be amazing, and you’ll want to show your friends.

Feel free to contact me with any snowmobiling questions.  I’ve been in the valley for over 26 years and have been snowmobiling here almost just as long!