Is Crested Butte the Happiest Place on Earth?

crested butte real estate happiest place on earth

What makes people happy? There are many factors that may contribute to the answer of that question. Recently, the Today Show hosted Dan Buettner, the author of The Blue Zones of Happiness: Lessons From the World’s Happiest People.  According to Dan, geography is the second biggest determinant of happiness next to genetics.  He explained that during his research, he noticed several things that happier people do or have. How does our gorgeous town, Crested Butte, CO, score on these factors?  Read on for my assessment.

crested butte real estate dogs

Get a Dog – If you’ve ever been to Crested Butte, you might think that the K-9 population is greater than the human one. Dogs are great companions in our area as they can join in on many outdoor activities. There are plenty of trails to hike on and lakes to swim in.  Dogs ride shotgun and join many owners at work. As Josh Billings said, “A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”  That love is something that’ll definitely make you happier.

Crested Butte House

Have a front porch – The reasoning for this factor is that people talk to each other and get to know each other more.  While Crested Butte doesn’t have the number of front porches like those in the Southern U.S.A. have, we do have our share.  Since the neighborhoods in the Crested Butte area are so pedestrian friendly and the days are so beautiful, we are always out and about walking and talking to our neighbors.  We have to walk all those dogs we have too!

crested butte real estate friends

Have three close friends – Now I can’t guarantee you’ll make three close friends here in Crested Butte, but I’d say it’s pretty hard not to. We are such a close-knit community, and you’ll end up running into the same people while you’re out doing errands or out at events.  You’re bound to meet someone from your part of the country that you can easily relate to as well.

crested butte real estate house

Good lighting – We are about 9,000 feet closer to the sun than our friends at sea level.  That means the sun is very, very intense here.  Many build their houses with big southern-facing windows to get in as much light and warmth as possible.  We average 273 days of sunshine, and it really does brighten our sprits.

crested butte real estate tough

Volunteer – As I mentioned above, Crested Butte is a very tight-knit community.  If someone is in need, we help out.  There are many volunteer opportunities from the Paradise Animal Welfare League (our no-kill animal shelter) to Tough Enough to Wear Pink (helps promote breast cancer awareness and fundraising for local families affected by it).

crested butte real estate hike

Other factors were mentioned in Dan’s research such as proximity to the outdoors – which we obviously have an abundance of!  It’s so great getting to hop on your mountain bike after work or going for a quick hike or ski during your lunch break. It gives you an excuse to socialize with friends – making you happier as well.

As you can see, there are many reasons to be happy here in Crested Butte… and we are! If you’d like more information about Crested Butte, its mountain lifestyle, or its real estate market, please contact me via phone at (970) 209-2421 or via email at