Why Your Dog Wants You in Crested Butte

Dogs are humans’ faithful companions. They give and give and usually only ask for belly rubs and food in return. They’re part of our families. They are our babies that cannot talk, but if they could, they’d tell you they want to be in Crested Butte.

Why is Crested Butte such a great place for dogs? There are so many reasons!

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I think the reason that stands out is the fact that dogs can be free from their shackles in Crested Butte! So many dogs in other places are confined to their backyards and are always on a leash when they get to venture out. There are leash laws in Crested Butte, but once you past the town limits, dogs can run free on the trails. It’s a freedom that must feel so great. You can take dogs cross country skiing with you in the winter. Head out to the “Poop Loop” behind the school or take the dogs out one of our many drainages.

Crested Butte Real Estate Dog Slate River

There are plenty of lakes and rivers for dogs to swim in. Lake Irwin and Long Lake are two that come to mind. Let them take a dip in the Slate River during the last days of summer.

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Do you ever feel bad for those dogs that can’t stop panting from the heat? They don’t have that problem in Crested Butte. Our cool climate is great for those really furry dogs like huskies or malamutes. Come winter, you’ll see dogs rolling in the snow to cool off and diving in feet of snow for sunken tennis balls.

Dogs often accompany their owners to work in Crested Butte. You’ll do a double take when you see them riding shotgun in the car. They line the sidewalks while owners chit chat on Elk Avenue’s benches. Take them down to the local pet supply store, Mountain Tails, to pick out their own dog cookie! Our banks and other businesses almost always have free treats out for the pooches.

If you’re just visiting, many of the hotels and B&Bs allow pets. The Ruby of Crested Butte especially caters to dogs providing them with their own dog beds, blankets, and homemade treats.

photo from Crested Butte News

Crested Butte has its own pet “fashion show” every Labor Day weekend called “Strut Your Mutt.” The show’s proceeds benefit Oh Be Dogful Rescue, one of many rescue operations in the valley.

Dogs are so loved and important here that our local newspaper even features dog obituaries.

Crested Butte Dogs Crested Butte Real Estate

If you have a dog, then you know what it’s like to be unconditionally loved. Show them you love them back with a move or visit to Crested Butte! If they could talk, they’d thank you.

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