Crested Butte’s Stick Season

Crested Butte real estate stick season

What is stick season? To me, stick season is when the leaves have all fallen which starts in late September and lasts until the ski resort opens. Days are getting cooler and shorter, but there is still plenty of fun to be had!

The number of tourists in Crested Butte greatly dwindles in October and November. There is a more restful, laid back atmosphere. All those locals who worked so hard in July, August, and September are finally able to breath.

The leaves are gone, but there is a nice tranquility in the air. Trails are uncrowded, and there are still plenty of warm days left. Indian summers will have people out and about. We’ll also start seeing some, if not a lot, of snow. These are good days for making chili and watching football!

 Crested Butte real estate stick season

What can you do during stick season? Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Go for a bike ride or hike – There are still so many nice days in October and November to go outside for activities. You might need a few extra layers, but some days can even be hot in my opinion! The best part is how uncrowded the trails are.
  • Go out to eat – Again, restaurants are uncrowded and the locals are out. Hopefully, most have some change in their pockets from working hard in the summer. You’ll see a lot of the local color around this time and meet some great people.
  • Attend a Western State Colorado University football game – I always try to go to a football game at my alma mater. The weather is even warmer in Gunnison, and nothing says fall like watching football. Bring some cardboard boxes for the kids. They’ll enjoy sliding down the grassy hill at the stadium!

Western State football

  • Catch a movie at the theater – Were you too busy this summer to see any of the summer blockbusters? Stick season is a great time to visit the Majestic Theater. You can enjoy your favorite cocktail there too as they have a liquor license.

If you’ve read my post 5 Reasons to be in Crested Butte in June, you know June is my favorite month of the year. My second favorite part of the year in Crested Butte is our Stick Season. If you find yourself here during that time, I hope you’ll notice how great a little off-season living can be!

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